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The Primal Soul Spa creates sacred space and a sanctuary for the soul, to allow you to rest, nurture and help you on your healing journey. 


Reiki, Sekhem, and crystal therapies are techniques that tap into the universal energy known as source to remove stagnant energy and restore it to its natural equilibrium. By harnessing the sacred geometry, vibrational energies, and healing light of crystals, as well as the ancient Egyptian Sekhem, these therapies facilitate the flow of healing energy throughout the energetic layers and subtle body, connecting the physical body with the auric field. This process balances the chakras, supporting the body's innate ability to heal itself.


In addition to crystals and Reiki, I incorporate various techniques such as sound therapy and essential oils. During our initial consultation, I will guide you in determining which techniques are most suitable for your specific needs.


As you undergo a series of treatments, you will begin to notice positive changes in your overall well-being. Subsequently, you will be able to implement your own prescribed self-care program and schedule top-up sessions once a month. These sessions will help you maintain your energy levels and address any new blockages that may arise.


Benefits of vibrational healing modalities include:


Physical: Relief from aches and pains, increased energy, detoxification, and improved sleep quality.

Mental: Stress relief, calmness, enhanced clarity, and improved focus.

Emotional: Release of old emotions, a sense of well-being, and emotional balance.

Spiritual: Feeling lighter and more connected, gaining a sense of purpose.

Please note that each individual's experience is unique, and you may encounter a combination of these effects.


Holistic Services: Bookings

Our Services

  • 45 min

    30 British pounds
  • Ancient Japanese Reiki Usui Method

    1 hr

    35 British pounds
  • Full Chakra Balancing, Hibiscusmoon Method used

    50 min

    35 British pounds

  • 30 min

    25 British pounds
  • Sekhem is connected to the Lion-headed Sekhmet. Goddess of War and Hea...

    1 hr

    35 British pounds
  • Sekhem is connected to the Lion-headed Sekhmet. Goddess of War and Hea...

    30 min

  • Crystal Singing Bowls & Tibetan singing Bowls.

    30 min

    30 British pounds
  • Crystal Chakra Balancing , Reiki, Sound healing and a Crystal Facial

    1 hr 30 min

    65 British pounds


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