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 Goddess Embodiment 

From ancient times people have recognised and respected a female spiritual and cosmic principle. The goddess has been known by many names and faces and is from many cultural traditions and religious backgrounds. Since Palaeolithic times and beyond, goddesses have been associated with various aspects of life’s creation whether that be motherhood, love, nature, abundance, death, the Earth or other celestial bodies. Goddesses have also been used to explain and symbolise the mysteries of non-physical dimensions of reality.  The goddess principle is truly universal, yet its traditions and influences have been suppressed, contorted and hidden for many centuries. 

The ideas of a goddess philosophy are popular in many areas of life, including ecology, feminism, holistic health, politics, business and films and pop music videos. Many people realise that the ideas and practices of current social systems are contributing to harmful events including climate change, political unrest, deforestation, pollution and destabilising personal relationships. They believe ideas represented by the Goddess such as nurturing, collectivism, healing and sustainability are essential for us to adapt as a species. The consequences for not doing this could be the annihilation of not just us but also the planet we live on.
A core theme of goddess spirituality seeks to counter the dominance of masculine values. The goddess is believed to be making her presence known to try to correct this imbalance. She talks through indigenous peoples, holistic healers, ecologists, and many others. The goddess symbol stands for holism and care of the environment and all creatures that live on the planet.

According to Paula Staunton MSc Goddess spirituality aims to bring back to humanity those receptive qualities of the feminine that include compassion, healing, mutuality and personal responsibility. Feminine spirituality can be expressed in a variety of life affirming ways. For example these could be positive relationships and community spirit or creativity, dance and ceremony as well as by connecting with nature and gaining insights into our own light and divinity.


I often get asked to share what I know about goddess embodiment which I am happy to do. However, I do not have the capacity and feel I cannot do such a topic justice with the learning models I currently adopt. Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to recommend a program that is truly unique and authentic. This course is run by Paula Staunton MSc and offers an on-line in-depth 9 module deep dive into the transformational power of goddess embodiment. I myself have completed this course and would highly recommend this course.


Please note, although I have shared this course, Primal Stone is not liable for this course outcome, payment details, I do not receive payment to recommend this program and have no association with its creation, distribution or teaching. Please do your own research when considering which course you choose when looking for goddess education. 

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