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Empowered Goddess Pathway -Activating Sekhmet

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Welcome to our 11-week program, Sekhmet's Power: Embodying the Goddess Within! Get ready for a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Across cultures, femininity's power has been revered and respected. Goddesses embody various aspects of life, from motherhood to cosmic forces. Yet, for years, the wisdom of goddess spirituality remained hidden. Now, there is a renewed interest in reconnecting with the goddess and embracing feminine spirituality. It's relevant in ecology, feminism, holistic health, and more. By embodying the nurturing, healing, and sustainable qualities of the goddess, we can prevent harm to ourselves and the planet. Join us as we focus on Sekhmet, the powerful Egyptian goddess. Through guided meditations and rituals, you'll awaken your inner goddess. Embrace Sekhmet's strength, healing, and transformative power to empower yourself and others. In addition, you'll explore Sekhmet's historical significance and learn how she was honored in ancient Egypt. Connect with her timeless wisdom for the modern world. Join Sekhmet's Power: Embodying the Goddess Within and unleash your divine potential.





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